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A little about First 4 Care

Founded in 2008, First 4 Care excels in delivering outstanding care and support services to children and young people. Our proven track record underscores our dedication to providing top-tier care.

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We work in close partnership with Local Authorities and various professional organisations to provide thorough supervision, support, and specialised 24-hour residential care.

Our facilities are designed for both single and multiple occupancies, with staff-to-child ratios meticulously adjusted to address the unique requirements of each young person we support.

Our aim is to aid children and young people to overcome any challenges they face through equipping them with expert guidance grounded in a robust practice framework. We address the distinct needs of these young individuals and devise a tailored care strategy that complements their placement plan’s goals. This strategy sets attainable objectives for the young person to accomplish.

Located in Doncaster, our homes are nurturing small homes which accommodate 1-3 young people, dedicated to providing residential care for children a range of needs including but not limited to learning disabilities, autism and/or complex needs, striving to replicate the warmth and structure of family life.

Our foremost aim is to nurture the well-being, growth, and personal fulfilment of each young individual within our care, maintaining unwavering standards of excellence in our support and attention. Our greatest asset lies in our well-trained, compassionate staff, guided by seasoned managers, all driven by an unwavering commitment to delivering service of exceptional quality.

We firmly believe that every young person has a right to gain positive experiences and opportunities from our service. We have created an environment that is safe, caring and homely, where young people can enjoy activities, are encouraged to make choices, pursue their wishes and thrive.